“The Natural health Cure, Known for ages Anyone Seeking Peace Should Visit The Therapeutic Spas In Turkey”

Turkey is one of the top seven countries in the world in terms of the richness and potential of geothermal resources. It ranks first in Europe in terms of resource potential and third in spa applications. Natur-Med is an outstanding oasis for those who value their well-being and need rest and healing With its natural resources  offers an outstanding. Together with that, thermal care, spa, Turkish baths, mineral water cures and massage therapy assist medical treatments for all pains and diseases caused by …

Spas is not only for holiday and recreation but also a sort of natural hospital and therapy center.

Hot Springs in Pamukkale (Denizli)

     Pamukkale Thermal Spring, recognized as a world heritage by UNESCO, is a natural wonder. These famous springs are famous for having traces of carbonate minerals left behind by rivers. Pamukkale Waterfalls form pure white travertines from Calcium-filled hot waters. Travertines and Hierapolis are often used by those suffering from heart disease, vascular or nervous system disorders and stroke. 

Izmir Hot Springs
  • Balçova Thermal Tourism Center (Agememnon Thermal Facilities): Diseases Treated: Rheumatic diseases, digestive system, eye diseases, metabolism disorders, liver-gallbladder diseases, circulatory and heart diseases, nervous system diseases.
  • Cesme Thermal Tourism Center: Hot thermal waters boiling through the sea turn Ilıca beach and other beaches in the region into large thermal pools. Diseases Treated: It is effective in rheumatic diseases, gynecological diseases, metabolism disorders.
  • Şifne Hot Springs and Springs: Diseases Treated: Bath and mud cures are effective on rheumatic diseases, gynecological diseases, metabolism disorders. Drinking cures have a laxative effect, accelerate the secretory activity of the liver, gall bladder and pancreas.
Yalova Hot Springs

     Although Yalova does not have as many thermal centers and thermal facilities as other cities, it has two quite different options: The first is Armutlu, where the water temperature is 55-60 degrees. Due to its high radioactivity, bathing in these hot spring waters is thought to help remove heavy metals from the body, as well as help with nerve diseases, wound healing and hormone regulation.

     The second option is Termal district, which is 12 km away from Yalova city center. The hot waters of the thermal baths here are used as alternative methods in the treatment of muscle, bone, digestive system, liver, gall bladder, kidney, urinary tract, skin and gynecological disorders.

Bursa Hot Springs

     The numerous thermal centers in Bursa are said to have healed the emperors, queens and sultans of the Roman, Byzantine, Seljuk and Ottoman periods.It is claimed that the healing waters of Bursa, which provides service, help in the treatment of physical conditions as well as mental illnesses. These physical ailments include rheumatic syndromes, chronic inflammation, gynecological disorders, and vascular occlusions. Another hot spring with many therapeutic features in Bursa is Çekirge Thermal Spring. It is famous for curing many rheumatic diseases. 

     Historical Oylat Thermal Springs is the most preferred health and thermal tourism center of the city. Oylat waters, located near the town of İnegöl, are drinkable; Consumption of water is said to be effective in the treatment of obesity. It is also believed that Oylat hot spring waters help in relieving stiffness, arthritis and severe pain in the knees.

Afyon Hot Springs

     Afyon has the hottest hot spring waters in Turkey Gazligol Hot Spring is one of the most famous thermal springs in Turkey. Gazligol Spa, which is rich in substances such as Sodium Bicarbonate, Sodium Chloride, Bromide and Fluoride, is known to heal urinary tract, kidney and skin diseases and make metabolism better. If you want to rejuvenate, you should be in Gazligol Thermal Spring. Gazligol also offers some of the best hotels where you can rejuvenate in artificial hot springs.

Kütahya Hot Springs

    Kütahya is one of the most important cities of Turkey in terms of health and thermal tourism. Especially the Yoncalı Hot Springs, located 15 km from the city center, offer advanced thermal tourism opportunities. Waters of 42 degrees are believed to be beneficial for rheumatic and neurological disorders. Diseases It is Effective on: It is known that it is good for the treatment of calcification and joint rheumatism, inflammatory joint diseases, soft tissue rheumatism, neurological diseases, traumatic and sports disorders.

Rize Hot Springs

    The Black Sea region, which stands out with its natural beauty and plateaus, is also celebrated for its natural water resources and thermal facilities. Two regions stand out in Rize: Ayder Plateau and İkizdere Valley. The hot waters of İkizdere Valley are counted among the best quality thermal waters with more than 500.72 minerals in 4 degrees water. İkizdere waters are believed to be beneficial as a complementary treatment for sports injuries, chronic low back pain, joint and stress disorders, and neurological complications. The colorless, odorless and clear waters of Ayder Plateau are also preferred as a complementary treatment for some conditions such as rheumatic and joint pain.